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Sees Insurance Agency is committed to taking an individual approach with every client. Our commitment extends to training and developing agents to follow this same approach. We specialize in navigating the intricacies of the health insurance market. We focus on education and product knowledge with our agents so that they can in turn give the same experience to the client. Our product offerings are among the best in the industry, from Group to Individual, Private or ACA, and Medicare Supplements or Medicare Advantage. We work with over a 100+ carriers nationwide, and we offer every legitimate option available.

Use the buttons below to get instant prices and self enroll in coverage

If the Health Quoter doesn't show that you get a subsidy please call or text
817-975-5122, most of our clients Health premiums are less than $20.00 a month

The quote only buttons allow you to get pricing from over a dozen different carriers with different types of riders. You need to speak to an agent to enroll, there may be additional underwriting requirements with all carriers so approval is not guaranteed

There is no cost to our service whether you go online and do it yourself or allow us to provide professional guidance in helping you, the plan will cost the same.

Why not just do it yourself?

1. Most quotes will take less than 10 minutes and through basic info can narrow down your
options to less than 3 plans.
2. Insurance Agents are required to pass an examination and do Continuing Education every
year. Agents are required to yearly update product knowledge and do Carrier Certifications.
We know our stuff.
3. You have no one but a 1-800 number to call for help. Individually our agents haven’t seen it
all, but as an agency and a team we have a vast amount of experience and knowledge
combined that is at your disposal.
4. Having an agent attached to your policy not only helps you but it helps that agent provide a
living for their family and it comes at no cost to you.
5. Our Agents offer more than one product line which means you can keep most of your
insurance under one agency and have the convenience of one number to call.